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Here is your chance to sing onstage and perform alongside the famous Bollywood singer and entertainer Mika Singh on Sunday, June 11th, 2023!

We are accepting entries Via 2 Methods

    • Facebook Submission
    • Via Email


To Enter:

  1.               1. In order to participate the ticket holder or their attendee members can record a short 2-minute (or shorter) video clip of your rendition of one of Mika Singh’s original songs.
  2.              2. To upload the video Visit – Contest Video Upload Tab on Our Facebook Page
  3.              3. Login to Facebook with your ID
  4.              4. Mark your status as “Going”

5. To Upload the video click on “ADD TO POST”

6. Please include your full name, address, phone number, and proof of purchase of the show ticket when submitting your recording.

7. Upload the ticket and the record by clicking the green image icon

8. Your submission will go into the moderation queue
9. The submission deadline is 5 pm on May 22nd, 2023.


Alternatively, you can send your entries via email with the requested details to

Rules To Participate:

    1. The participant must be a ticket holder to the Mika Singh show to be held on June 11th at the Buddy Holly Hall.
    2. Tickets are available at: Proof of purchase will be required when you send in the video.
      You must be 18 years or older to enter the competition.
    3. ONLY emails will be screened.
    4. Only one entry per participant.
    5. Entries must be sent in no later than May 22nd, 2023.
    6. The winner should be willing and able to come in for a sound check on the performance day before the concert if needed.
    7. The audition must be video-recorded. No audio clips or files will be accepted.
    8. Use of vulgar, sexually explicit, satanic/black metal, or violent language and/or lyrics is strictly prohibited.
    9. All participants agree and automatically grant permission to the Organizing Committee on the usage of their photographs and/or videos taken as well as the printing of their names for advertising, promotion, and publicity purposes.
    10. By submitting personal information for registration, all participants acknowledge that they have read through the competition Rules & Regulations and consent to allow the Organizing Committee to use all personal information for administrative purposes and data analysis. All personal data provided will be kept confidential at all times.
    11. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change any of the rules and regulations without prior notice.
    12. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify any contestant if he/she does not adhere to any of the above rules and regulations.

The participants will be judged on the song selection, voice quality, clarity, rhythm, diction, and stage presence. There will be a panel of 3 judges who will score the songs on the above criteria and tabulated results will be disclosed by June 1st, 2023.

The winner will be selected based solely on the submitted recordings. The competitors have no right to present any objections against the composition of the Jury. All decisions of the jury shall be final, and no correspondence will be entertained into regarding its decisions.

We are in no way affiliated with any social media.

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